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The care system made simpler

The role of the council in providing adult social care is changing.

In order to address budgetary pressures, growing demand for services and the integration agenda a council and its citizens must be able to shape the care market, so that people have the freedom of choice to secure the right type of care and support to meet their outcomes.

This change has to be radical and properly supported. With many systems and ways of working tailored to past models promoting what is strong in people and their communities, greater choice and improved outcomes against increased efficiency for councils feels like an uphill struggle. Younifi is here to start the revolution.

Younifi enables councils and their partners to shape the way adult social care is managed, funded and provided. It’s a full service solution that offers 100% visibility of the choices people make, encourages self-management, promotes proactive intervention and stimulates the provider market.


1,626,891 reasons to Younifi Great Britain

In 2013/14, Great Britain spent:


On adult social care.

This money was spent through an estimated 75,510,746 financial transactions. By 2020, demand for adult social care services is likely to grow by 3%.

Younifi enables the adoption of new models of care and can conservatively save each year


Download your personal business case to see savings sources.

* Relates to the number of people in adult social care support

Younifi supports transformational change

Revolutionising social care to make it simpler

Younifi is a managed service solution that simplifies many complexities of the adult social care system - creating a better experience for individuals receiving it, greater control for councils delivering it and connecting everyone involved in providing it.

Benefits for a Director a Commissioner a Practitioner Finance a Provider an Executive

Budgetary resilience

Greater control of adult social care expenditure

Supported vision

On how your council can deliver services for the future

Stronger communities

Where residents feel supported and businesses have opportunity to grow

Your total solution

Younifi combines empowering technology, outsourced services and expert consultancy to help build services around the needs of people.

The support engine

A place where individuals seek support and search for info and advice as well as products and services. The support engine helps a person simply manage their care packages, approve invoices and upload other receipts. It also provides a collaboration space for people to allow participation of friends, family, agencies or professionals in the co-ordination of their care.

The payment hub

A bespoke infrastructure that takes a daily feed of all invoices, plus other financial transactions, to calculate and consolidate how much is owed by the person and council. It consolidates payments to providers on a daily basis too.

The control centre

A multi-faceted platform for staff to view a person's profile and activity, allowing them to pro-actively intervene and provide support. Collectively, the breadth and depth of data provides greater budget management, market intelligence, resource efficiencies and informs continuous improvement. This helps councils to develop their local market and leverage new low costs or preventive community-based offers.

The provider portal

A place where any provider of information, advice, products or services can register, maintain their compliance requirements, provide safeguarding information and promote themselves. Managers can allocate work and staff can complete time sheets. All invoices are auto-generated for their customers to approve.

Support services

As part of our managed service solution, we provide ongoing services to help people stay connected through Younifi. We support members of the public, providers and professionals to stay on-track and keep working together.

  • Customer service support
  • Care market stimulation
  • Pre-paid card solutions

Transformational change

To achieve radical transformation requires change for many parties. Younifi includes specialist consultancy to work with you to get the most from the solution and realise the benefits across your council and community, including:

  • Change management
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Commissioning support

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