May 02, 2019

The Younifi objective is to ‘make social care simple’ for all - through digitalisation, yes; through transformation of processes, yes; through connected and collaborative services, yes; through human relationships, absolutely.

In many ways it’s easy to digitise - build a system, store things in the cloud, create citizens portals. It’s a bit more of test to transform because it requires staff first and foremost to not only accept but welcome digital, as they do in their private lives. The absolute challenge however is to get the balance between the digital and human touch right. But we believe we’re on the road to achieving it.

It was the harsh realities of our professional worlds that brought us together. To say there was a eureka moment, a single brilliant flash of insight that led to Younifi’s innovative approach to making the complexities of social care simple for all would be tremendous. The reality however is somewhat different.

Younifi, as a concept, evolved over many years, born from our own experiences across the breadth of social care. There weren’t any particular events we can identify, just the grinding, often minor frustrations, disappointments and hindrances we faced in our own separate worlds. Issues that prevented us being a more useful part in ‘making a difference’, in working person-to-person alongside citizens and colleagues within and outside of our respective organisations.

A consistent, single uniting observation throughout those years (and to date) however, was people having to ‘fit the system because the system struggled to flex to fit the person’. Despite countless initiatives at national and local levels over the years, the system has barely changed, the same problems remain and all too often people still get what’s on offer, rather than what would make a difference to them.

We believe what makes a difference to people, and therefore core to Younifi, is being seen as an individual, to have genuine choice and a voice, to collaborate and to have the complexities of social care made simple. These are not empty words, they unite us, they are our beliefs, our thinking and underpin the development of every aspect of Younifi. They are the momentum around Younifi’s innovative concept and its role in the social care movement. They are what make us believe that the digital and human touch is a compatible concept.

If you believe the digital and human touch is a compatible concept give me a call so we can walk the road together. If you believe it’s an unachievable vision give me a call so I can show you the art of the possible – Younifi.

Tony Pilkington

MD Younifi

07900 994 633