June 14, 2019

What does the summer solstice, volunteering, carers and loneliness awareness events have in common? “They all occur in June”. You’re right, but what else? “Connecting is a core thread throughout them all”. Absolutely, and this year it’s the theme for Carers week too.

Connecting is also central to Younifi. We believe building and enhancing connections between people, councils and providers increases understanding, strengthens relationships, networks and communities. By connecting, Younifi has made the complexities of social care simple for all. For example:

People: carers and those they support, can easily find their own support and manage their own care; create their own network of support and control the amount of information shared. They can connect with carers who share their interests and who, through experience, appreciate their situations. Carers can be given the tools to act on behalf of a person they support whilst the cared for person has complete visibility and a record of monies spent regardless of the funding source (Personal Budgets, Personal Health Budgets, Individual Service Funds or Self-funding).

Together these elements - and many more - truly support choice and make managing care for carers and those receiving care an attractive and empowering choice.

Councils: the ‘end to end’ solution, built around the person, means it’s easy for people, council users and providers to navigate. The promotion of personalisation and a community first approach drives proactive dialogue and community engagement without council involvement. It also enhances personal and community resilience and is sustainable.

In addition, carers can contribute to their own assessment online. They can also be actively engaged and recognised as the trusted expert they are and a vital asset within the cared for persons whole support network, without losing their own identity.

Providers: be they micro or multi nationals have access to and benefit from all aspects of Younifi – a genuine ‘level playing field’. In partnership with the carer and or the person receiving care they can collectively share comments and observations – working as one holistic team. As a networked team they can send and receive messages about appointments or unexpected changes that may impact on care provision and to work together to overcome those changes when they occur. All done in a transparent manner and the associated insight gathered as a by-product of being connected.

The solstice happens at the same instant for all of us, everywhere on Earth. Similarly, every one of us could be a volunteer and a beneficiary of volunteering. Currently One in six[1], or 8.8m of us are providing unpaid care and if we aren’t now, almost certainly we will become a carer or directly benefit from a carer in the future. Around the same number, 9m[2] of us say we are ‘always or often lonely’, lacking the friendship and support we all need. There is no need for people to be lonely and the simple things can start to make the difference – saying hello, good morning or just smiling.

Connecting means joining together, combining, integrating, creating linkages, meeting up, syncing and unifying. Connecting, is vital for all people be they carers, those receiving care, councils or providers - connecting people is at the core of Younifi.

In this month of connections do one simple thing connect with me or visit our web site.

Tony Pilkington

MD Younifi