September 26, 2019

‘There’s an elephant in the room. It’s large, squatting and hard to get around.

There’s an elephant in the room. We all know it’s there; we talk about everything else – except the elephant in the room.’

The 2014 Care Act places a duty on councils to promote people’s wellbeing (what makes our lives good) and independence rather than simply providing care. It puts people and their carers in control of care and support. It’s not rocket science.

Personal Budgets and particularly Direct Payments are basic tools in promoting and sustaining people’s wellbeing and independence. So why is uptake low and progress frustratingly slow?

Younifi - The Elephant in The Room

The reasons are many, varied and endlessly discussed, but the elephant in the room is Trust (the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something) between all parties – people, council and providers. Trust, however, is dependent on visibility throughout the whole system, and maintaining that visibility is dependent on maximising simplicity and efficiency.

So, where’s the problem? Well, because no one in the system can see what the other is doing – audit drives the process. This leads to commissioning on time and task rather than outcomes. Since there is no shared visibility, the council within their systems sets the baseline. The result – only they can input data, at significant resource and financial cost.

Additionally, because an audit is not done in real-time, a purchase made months earlier, but subsequently considered by the council to be inappropriate, results in the person having to pay back monies. This compromises the person in the following weeks and absorbs costly council resource – you to me, me to you, you to me and so it goes on.

So what’s the answer? Younifi - designed with the person at the centre and visibility throughout, helping to build trust and ensuring every contact adds value for all parties.

For people, Younifi provides – unparalleled control and visibility. The person can set up and manage services including accepting/rejecting transactions and resolving issues. As a flexible solution, it gives the person choice as to how and by whom they want their care managed. It provides them with a simple means of evidencing all expenditure and how it meets their outcomes. It also connects trusted participants, enabling them to fulfil their roles in the collective support of a person’s care.

For councils, Younifi provides - unrivalled visibility of all decisions and supports people to meet their outcomes and wellbeing aspirations. This provides real-time insight, full audit and evidence-based opportunities for early intervention and prevention. Visibility of demand and capacity across the care market provides the council with the justification for developing new market propositions and capacity.

Younifi supports flexible commissioning arrangements. Arrangements that can be shared with people managing their own care and promoted to all people supporting them in order to select the best-value care and support that works for them.

A whole new approach to brokerage in which council and person utilise the same information to coproduce care in a mutually trusted partnership.

‘No one talks about the elephant in the room grazing on silence.’ Until now. Break the silence, build the trust, give me a call or email me to start today.