May 29, 2019

Unique, defined as ‘being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else’ was linked to two events in April, the publication of ‘Social Care 360’ and images of a black hole in space. It’s also rightly associated with Younifi.

As welcome as the analysis of 20 key trends in adult social care is, it was woeful to read that Social Care 360’s ‘… uniquely rounded … view of the sector is drawn from data often held in fragmented databases that are rarely explored.’ This is despite being publicly available, published annually, comprehensive and from reliable sources.

As MD of Younifi, too often I hear staff and managers bemoaning the lack of data; receiving conflicting information or, suggesting if only they knew x, y or z it would make a difference. Usually responses include “We collect that data but can’t access/ analyse it”; “The systems don’t talk to each other” or, “It’s impossible!”.

And of course, there’s often the failure to even consider how combining data within councils and across organisations can powerfully inform thinking and revolutionise decision-making. In research conducted by Younifi comparable comments were received from people and providers too.

Compare this to the other unique event. Two hundred scientists worldwide, operating in fourteen agencies communicated over ten years. How eight telescopes, across four continents not built to work together, were linked and synchronised by atomic clocks, so precise they only lose one second every 10 million years. How, together these factors created a virtual earth size telescope powerful enough to read a newspaper in Paris whilst sitting in New York.

Then, as part of daring to dream the art of the possible and in order to understand what they had seen 55m light years from earth, they combined and analysed 350 terabytes of data per day from each telescope over a two-year period to reveal the first ever images of a black hole. This is unique. This is positive. This is something to celebrate.

But surely there is something fundamentally wrong when ‘uniquely (rounded)’ is, in the case of social care, linked to ‘data often held in fragmented databases that are rarely explored.’ This is negative. This is something to mourn.

Whilst not in the same space as the black hole, Younifi too is the result of pursuing the art of the possible. Created with imagination and skill it’s able to do what people said could not be done – placing the person absolutely at the centre; reshaping the relationships between councils, providers (of anything) and people.

It’s a uniting platform that offers all involved – person, council and provider value from their use of the solution; automatic collection of real time data as a by-product of simple meaningful, collaborative activities and accessible information that helps inform everyone’s thinking to ensure decisions made achieve better outcomes.

Better in terms of efficiency for the council, unrivalled visibility of cost and demand. Better workforce focus on high value direct work with people. Better and more resilient provider markets. Infrastructure that can better service everyone’s needs and improve cash flow with less effort and cost.

Younifi is unlike anything else - it’s unique. We have the positive evidence. Hear and see for yourself by contacting me or visiting our website Younifi.

Tony Pilkington

MD Younifi