July 03, 2019

‘Co’ meaning with, together, joint, mutual and common, ‘Production’ meaning a coordinated activity that changes resources into finished products and services. So, what does co-production mean to you? Is it dependent on the role you have and whether it’s part of your personal life or part of your job?

Co-production has been around since the 1970’s. In 2013 Nesta suggested it was set to create ‘the most important revolution in public services since the Beveridge Report in 1942’[i]. Well we’re still waiting for the revolution and are yet to agree a definition, the choice is yours – Care Act, TLAP’s NCAG, NEF, Our Voices lifeway or SCIE.

So, you’re aligned to a definition or have mashed a couple together to create your own – great. Next step, power. Do you, in whatever role you are looking at this from, have the power and means to design and deliver new public services, if not who does?

It’s easy, to believe power is held by ‘them’ over ‘us’ but is that really true? Alex Fox suggests public service systems are the sum of the beliefs and relationships of all of us involved in them or touched by them. He says ‘So ‘we’ will make change happen, or no one will. That means ‘we’ will have to comprise a different mix of people’.[ii]

Younifi is all about ‘co’, being part of the ‘we’, helping bring the many innovative pilot projects and ideas to mainstream prominence. How? By creating an empowering environment that turns fundamental aspects of traditional social care on their head. An environment:

• focused on prevention, wellbeing and independence through sharing experience and developing it for the benefit of others.

• which encourages ‘us’ the public service system, to acknowledge, appreciate and build on people’s strengths, their families and communities. Recognising their expertise as key partners and enabling them to easily connect with others.

• in which the person is absolutely at the centre deciding, directing and controlling for themselves, or via their chosen delegate operating in transparent processes in an inclusive experience. • where self-assessment is the norm, but collaboration and support to complete is readily available.

• that provides ultimate flexibility whilst simplifying Personal Budgets for all – people, providers and councils. Making self-managed care attractive, supporting genuine choice and a real force for change in service provision.

• which uses data regarding the support people (regardless of who is funding and administering care) have selected or wanted but could not find to inform targeted and effective commissioning. •that encourages conversation between the person and providers and enables entirely personal outcomes to be created.

As part of the ‘we’, Younifi is reshaping the relationships between councils, providers (of anything) and people – lets join together and at last make the revolution the reality.

Give me a call on 0845 075 4600 or email me at hello@younifi.co.uk.

Tony Pilkington

MD Younifi

[i] The challenge of co-production November
 2013. Nesta

[ii] Fox, A. ‘A NEW HEALTH AND CARE SYSTEM Escaping the invisible asylum’. 2019 p.166.